Massive Man

Walking on the beach today I saw the biggest man I've ever seen sleeping. How strangely appropriate since my blog has been basically asleep as well...

4th Year Film!

Alright, my super short film finally premiering online at the cartoon brew student fest! Enjoy :)

Sun of a Beach from Cartoon Brew on Vimeo.

LoopdeLoop : Food

My last minute submission to Loopdeloop this month!


This is my friend Benjamin Anders.

Birthday Gif!

Here's to my lil' bro Diego, turning 9 already... droppin' years like it aint no thang. Why a killer whale you ask? Because that's what he wanted on his birthday card, of course. I love this little fellow. Here's to another big year!

3 Musketeers

Aight, this one goes out to Ben, Gyimah and Perin, promised I'd make them a gif with their character cameos from my film :)

Check these cats out:


Nature Nudy

The heat is back and everything is good. Get out there, find yourself some nice green pasture and sink into the summer!

Film from last year

Almost a year ago me and a group of classmates back in third year finished this little film. Took way too long to post online but finally its up just before we finish the next round of films. Had to put it up or it would probably fade into hardrive oblivion.

Dis Ma Pops

drinkin' yerba mate like everyday :)

Film Poster!

I've always been a fan of those alternate movie posters with simple, often partially hidden imagery. I can't help loving visual puzzles! I figured I'd do something along those lines for my film poster (though the hidden image might be more obvious after seeing the film).

Also, here are some ingenious designs I came across on the interwebs while looking to get inspired.

Resolution Seizure

I made a gif this morning as my contribution to the Pokedump Tumblr that some friends in the studio have been doing when they need a break from their films. This is a tribute to that Porygon episode back in the day that was banned from North America due to a certain seizure inducing sequence...

Swamp Thangs

I was going to make a quick poster for my film but got sidetracked making one of them old-school horror movie posters...


Things are happening... I swear! Once I've actually finished the film I will dedicate some time to properly document what went into doing this thing. Just too busy to post these past months! Into the thick of animation at the moment. My film is a single shot (almost) and a 2D/3D blend... these after effects comps are getting out of control...