Some Extras

Some more life-drawing inspired characters
This one became a real caricature of Brazilian samba icon "Cartola".


Gaishas be happenin. This one is meanish and ghostlyish.
was based off this life drawing...
Joker Gaisha. Someone should do a Batman in Tokyo film, in which the Joker cross-dresses as a Gaisha, seduces and murders rich business men. That would be a blockbuster, no questions.
Old Gaisha. With some serious back pains or constipation

Ghana Loops

Quick caricature of my buddy Gyimah Gariba (Check his stuuuff). He uses the lasso tool in Photoshop extensively, so the joke may be a little lost on the majority of the population... Anyway, thanks to that I've incorporated the lasso tool a bit more when I'm working and it helps get clean edges without having to work too hard. Its sort of the equivalent of using tape on canvas to get clean lines.