Kick Flippin'

A broken arm didn't stop this guy tearing it up at the Venice Beach skate park.

Swag Overload

Yup, these people exist.


Thinking of my lil' bros and the monkey business thats probably going down in Brazil :)


What can I say... been missing the lady. Rain is a little something me and her feel pretty different about. Yesterday was the first rainy day since I've been in L.A.. This I like.

Electro Swing

Been digging Caravan Palace... drew this up while listening to their music a while back and finally made myself colour it up and such.

Sunny Boy

Designs for my film, good enough to start BAWRDING.

And.... into the vault.

I've been fleshing out a story idea over the course of some weeks (continuation of previous post) and its looking like something I really want to do, but it needs time to breath and would be closer to the 5-10 minute mark. In other words, not fourth year film material. I'll have to stick with a previous idea that fits the time frame for this year. Who knows if this will resurface in the future... can you spot charlie brown?