I set up a tumblr account to post up my daily doodles, the ones from the previous post are up there plus 20 new ones from october! http://natanmouradeaquino.tumblr.com/

Daily Character - September 2012

Daily character drawings done for September. looks like this is continuing to this month!

Oh, Nutz! Trailer

A quick little trailer I worked on some months back for an upcoming book by Dan Krall. I helped out Joel Trussel breaking up the elements in photoshop and making the little animated cycles. Check out Joel's amazing work HERE. As a side note I just found out he won the music video award at the Ottawa Animation Festival!

Kick Flippin'

A broken arm didn't stop this guy tearing it up at the Venice Beach skate park.

Swag Overload

Yup, these people exist.


Thinking of my lil' bros and the monkey business thats probably going down in Brazil :)


What can I say... been missing the lady. Rain is a little something me and her feel pretty different about. Yesterday was the first rainy day since I've been in L.A.. This I like.

Electro Swing

Been digging Caravan Palace... drew this up while listening to their music a while back and finally made myself colour it up and such.

Sunny Boy

Designs for my film, good enough to start BAWRDING.

And.... into the vault.

I've been fleshing out a story idea over the course of some weeks (continuation of previous post) and its looking like something I really want to do, but it needs time to breath and would be closer to the 5-10 minute mark. In other words, not fourth year film material. I'll have to stick with a previous idea that fits the time frame for this year. Who knows if this will resurface in the future... can you spot charlie brown?

On The Run

Started exploring a film idea a little further with some tests. Quick run cycle combined with some elements for a pan and then just compositing! Now onto boarding...

Dust and Smog

Yet another dry spell on the blog. Gotta start updating more often! Speaking of dry, I'm living in L.A. until the end of August on an internship. Things are going great, and I can't help but be inspired by the landscape and general dryness. I've always had a thing for deserts (whether they be of snow or sand)... but I've really gotta get out of the concrete and into some more immersive nature. I'm getting all sorts of story ideas that I may just have to take seriously. Something is definitely taking form in my brain.

Semester End.

And that is roughly how i felt a couple of days back.

Reel Update and New Portfolio Site

Finally got my non-sheridan portfolio site set up. Now the link isn't as obscure and impossible to find! Basically dropped a bunch of animation out of my reel and added some 3D (which is looking a little too dark online).

In the dead of night...

This little laica was a lot of fun. Probably needs more polishing off but it gets the joke across. The idea of it made me giggle like a little girl, or rather a little boy when i first thought of it. I hope the ending pleasantly surprises you :)

Das Auto

Went to the auto show for a life-drawing trip and drew me some autos. Strange to be in the middle of car culture and hearing people talk about cars. Structural drawing and perspective seems to be a fairly natural thing for me so it ended up being a lot more enjoyable than i thought. If I had more time to spend on this I'd probably extrapolate more caricatures from some of the sketches. Thats about it, don't particularly care for cars or having them other than for their convenience. The only car I've ever wanted was a Volkswagen van. Hopefully that will motivate me to get a license... eventually.
This one is an widened caricature of a Sunliner from the 60's. The original Sunliners are already wide as hell. Some straight forward technical sketches.

Some Extras

Some more life-drawing inspired characters
This one became a real caricature of Brazilian samba icon "Cartola".


Gaishas be happenin. This one is meanish and ghostlyish.
was based off this life drawing...
Joker Gaisha. Someone should do a Batman in Tokyo film, in which the Joker cross-dresses as a Gaisha, seduces and murders rich business men. That would be a blockbuster, no questions.
Old Gaisha. With some serious back pains or constipation

Ghana Loops

Quick caricature of my buddy Gyimah Gariba (Check his stuuuff). He uses the lasso tool in Photoshop extensively, so the joke may be a little lost on the majority of the population... Anyway, thanks to that I've incorporated the lasso tool a bit more when I'm working and it helps get clean edges without having to work too hard. Its sort of the equivalent of using tape on canvas to get clean lines.


Some layout work from last semester for the group film.