Action Analysis

Got around to uploading the Action Analysis. Originally decided to do a squirrel for the simple reason that i had a pre-rigged 3D model i intended to use. Turns out the rig did not run very well on all fours, couldn't hit a bunch of the poses i needed and the arms were to short to reach over his head. So, last minute i reverted back to 2D. I animated the whole thing in flash, greatly enjoyed doing a line-less style and not having to spend forever on clean-up and instead put more time towards the actual movement. The drop shadow and 2 tone were both done with some nifty After Effects tricks in compositing. Learned a heck of a lot on compositing and matting/masking which will make a huge difference in planning future scenes. Here are also a couple of quick concepts involved in the project, though i kinda shifted into a more graphic style when i decided to eliminate the line in the animation.

Little Bros

Been a while, I'll have to start posting again once this crazy semester is over! Wish i could spend X-Mass with my little bros... or in Brasil for that matter...