Wendy Burger

Royal Winter Fair once again. Really dislike drawing in that environment. I did draw these on site and not from pictures as many people seem to be doing... The llama took a while. I did the body, went and did the goat gestures and then came back to finish its head. She did not like me. Kept making grumbling noises at me. Got a little worried she would spit on my pad but I guess that would make the drawing more authentic.

You know you're at a farm fair when: Voice comes over the speakers asking "Wendy Burger" to report to the front entrance.

The Cozy Cove

Circus meets Seafood Restaurant. Couple of gradients added in photoshop to enhance the depth of the original guache painting.

Not A Dinosaur

It turns out some ancient animal species are not dinosaurs. Or even dinosaur sized. This is slightly disappointing. Actually very.
I drew these at the ROM. They are both approx 1 foot tall. I almost pummeled the marmoset with my sketchbook. Teacher Brian had a minny heart-attack.

Duiker a.k.a. tiny deer (improvised muscles based on big deer anatomy)

Marmoset a.k.a. tiny man but actually a monkey

Lift And Toss

Lift and Toss! This assignment had a tight deadline. I didn't do as much as I wanted but ah well. The character worked alright for animation except for the fact that he is FAT WITH TINY LEGS and suposed to bend over to pick something up. The only part I really like about it is the way the Polynesian guy approaches the "pineapple" before he picks it up. Didn't really have time to draw in the pineapple...

Here's the Polynesian rotation! :