Mean Man

So I finally decided to start experimenting with digital painting with my wacom tablet. This is my first attempt at "painting" digitally. I wouldn't liken it to painting because there's no physically tactile quality to the way in which you apply your strokes or the final image itself. Plus you're holding something with a point while you do brush-like strokes... not very intuitive in that respect. I'm more of a traditionalist and I don't know how much satisfaction I can really get through digital painting. Maybe one day when you can actually pick up a paint brush and paint on a screen I'll dig the process more. In any case, its definitely a handy thing to know in the world of animation.


  1. Once you're doing things digitally that would take you twice the time traditionally, you'll start to enjoy it. Trust me.

  2. I just downloaded my copy of photoshop CS5 and the new brush feature makes mixing colours WAY more intuitive. I bet within the next two Cintiq models you will be able to pick up a physical brush and the screen will be able to detect the individual bristles.