Here is my head rotation/lip-sync/expression change assignment. We had to take a pre-existing character, find a model sheet, and use that to animate our assignment. For those of you who do not recognize this character, its one of the baboons from the chase scene in Tarzan. I chose the character because I found a good model sheet and I knew he would work well in 3 dimensions, some people got stuck with more cartoony characters that were somewhere between 2d and 3d. Plus baboons are great.

I have the muybridge animal's in motion book and the baboon walk is unlike anything else, someday I will try my hand at that.
YouTube animated version of muybridge photographs:

Overall I'm happy with it. The head rotation part of the assignment was tedious but once that was done I had a bit more fun with the rest, and surprisingly the second part took me a lot less time.

Pink Panther Walking the Walk (In Technicolour!)

This is the digital tools project done using my previous pink panther animation. Yes, its pretty dismal, but by the time I was done doing pink panther related animation I was REALLY DONE with him (I think I speak for many 1st years when I say that...)

Chameleon Colours

This is a Character Design assignment involving an anthropomorphic character interacting with a prop. Its a posing assignment that I decided to shoot to give it a sense of timing. I don't like drawing anthropomorphic characters for the most part, its just not my kind of thing. I like caricatured animals, I just don't like it as much when they're walking around like humans.

Note: the box at the end says "BLEACH" on it. Kind of hard to see in this small format...

More Paintings from Semester 1

Here are two paintings I made last semester.

This was sort of based off the favela's from brasil. I remember seeing something pretty similar under a bridge when I was back in Sao Paulo some years back.

This one was supposed to be a snow landscape but I spilled green on it and had to improvise my way out of that. I finished kind of last minute so I didn't have time to work some of the details as much as I wanted. I almost feel like doing this one again. I like this more than any of the others because the idea feels fresh and it just sort of happened.