Above...Below... Both?

Started off in guasche and progressed into pastel because it is easier to describe light with and takes less time. I didn't really make up my mind as to whether this is above or below water. Light seems to suggest above, but vegetation suggests otherwise. This was largely improvised with only a quick idea sketch to get me going. I've been dead tired which probably has something to do with why this drawing is essentially my idea of an ideal napping location.

Peoples Of The Land

Broke people:

Prof People:

Just People:

Wendy Burger

Royal Winter Fair once again. Really dislike drawing in that environment. I did draw these on site and not from pictures as many people seem to be doing... The llama took a while. I did the body, went and did the goat gestures and then came back to finish its head. She did not like me. Kept making grumbling noises at me. Got a little worried she would spit on my pad but I guess that would make the drawing more authentic.

You know you're at a farm fair when: Voice comes over the speakers asking "Wendy Burger" to report to the front entrance.

The Cozy Cove

Circus meets Seafood Restaurant. Couple of gradients added in photoshop to enhance the depth of the original guache painting.

Not A Dinosaur

It turns out some ancient animal species are not dinosaurs. Or even dinosaur sized. This is slightly disappointing. Actually very.
I drew these at the ROM. They are both approx 1 foot tall. I almost pummeled the marmoset with my sketchbook. Teacher Brian had a minny heart-attack.

Duiker a.k.a. tiny deer (improvised muscles based on big deer anatomy)

Marmoset a.k.a. tiny man but actually a monkey

Lift And Toss

Lift and Toss! This assignment had a tight deadline. I didn't do as much as I wanted but ah well. The character worked alright for animation except for the fact that he is FAT WITH TINY LEGS and suposed to bend over to pick something up. The only part I really like about it is the way the Polynesian guy approaches the "pineapple" before he picks it up. Didn't really have time to draw in the pineapple...

Here's the Polynesian rotation! :


Here's another painting. first assignment this year.

Wave, Boat and Sack Animation

Four weeks into class and finally I'm done the first assignment. This was a hard one, especially since we had to juggle three layers and make them work together. There are some things I would have changed but over all it seems to work pretty well.


I sketched this while brainstorming for ideas on a storyboard assignment involving this short poem.

Holbein's Eyes

One of the easiest mistakes to make when drawing or painting a portrait is to make both sides of the face symmetrical. No one is symmetrical, and the few people who are almost symmetrical have a very eery feeling about them (some people think it looks beutiful but it makes me feel uneasy). Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are two good examples of people with almost symmetrical faces.
So I'm looking at reprints of artist's work at the library the other day and I come across a book on Hans Holbein. He's famous for painting portraits, many of which were for royalty at the time, but its his drawings that I find particularly exceptional — more specifically, the eyes. What I notices is he always pushes the differences between the eyes to the point that its slightly exaggerated. The eyes are one of the central defining factor as to whether a portrait works or not, so by pushing the subtleties in their differences you end up with a very powerful representation of that person's unique expression.

Check out how the far eye is drawn much larger than the closer eye. This plays with the perspective of the face, pushing the far side of her face forwards and as a result her whole face looks wider and flatter:

The difference in the way the eyelids fall over each eye:

Putting Things Into Perspective

I think anyone studying animation should check out this interview with Ralph Bakshi. This makes a hell of a lot of sense to me and all the more so with the huge leaps of technology making it easier for smaller groups of people to produce films, whether it be animation or live-action.

Mean Man

So I finally decided to start experimenting with digital painting with my wacom tablet. This is my first attempt at "painting" digitally. I wouldn't liken it to painting because there's no physically tactile quality to the way in which you apply your strokes or the final image itself. Plus you're holding something with a point while you do brush-like strokes... not very intuitive in that respect. I'm more of a traditionalist and I don't know how much satisfaction I can really get through digital painting. Maybe one day when you can actually pick up a paint brush and paint on a screen I'll dig the process more. In any case, its definitely a handy thing to know in the world of animation.


Somewhere between consciousness and instinct...

A Day At The Beach

Been a while since I posted anything. I've got some stuff to scan, i just get lazy about documenting work and would rather draw... but things have to be documented now and again. These are some sample drawings I did at the beach some weeks back. For some reason I ended up drawing lots of moms and their boys. I did a lot more but they only got half decent once I was warmed up. Haven't life-drawn in a while so it takes some getting back into. These where done straight in pen as I'm trying to become more and more direct with my line. All mistakes stay in the drawing. I think thats important for sketching.

The Aleph

The assignment for this painting was to take a pre-existing story and create a background for it. This one was based off of Jorge Luis Borges' short story The Aleph.

The Immovable Bowling Pin

160 drawings later... I'm done my final animation assignment from first year, involving a flour sack that must interact with some sort of object/prop. Many people decided to animate their object/prop but I thought it would be best to focus my animation on the acting of the sack itself. It felt good to tackle a more sustained animation and get it done efficiently without obsessing too much about perfection (which is the natural thing for me). Quality vs. completion is a tightrope that every animator will have to walk at some point. I can't say I've really struggled with this yet, but its best to start being realistic about the time you have to work on something at an early stage. I guess the trick to doing good animation is to set your standard so insanely high that when you have to undercut it for the sake of getting it done it still looks good.

Fox Frenzy

Straight forward zany character. Anthropomorphism is done for the year! Hopefully for the rest of my life!


Here is a sample of some of the drawings done on the zoo trip. Got sort of infatuated with the orangutans and ended up only drawing them. The longer poses are of a 40 year old orangutan, which means that when I visited the zoo 10+ years ago as a kid I probably saw her. Boggles my mind. She looked depressed lying there for hours and gazing at the people.

Fact: Orangutans are the slowest growing mammals (according to zoo-keeper woman)

30 sec - 1 min

10-15 min


Here is the fat cat walking. Wish I had more time to add a little extra performance to the beginning or end. I learned a hell of a lot about how animals walk with this one. I looked into other animals a bit and compared their walks to what I was doing with the cat and there are a lot of the same principles at work. Knowing how the skeleton works is really the key to making the walk feel right, even if you don't actually draw it in.

Note: The only pet I ever had as a kid was a fat cat and this one looks a fair bit like it.

Still Life

This was a still life assignment... I don't like painting still life but I'm so obsessive that once I start I go the whole nine yards.

Anthropomorphic Character Timeline

And now I'm really done with anthropomorphic-ness


The assignment was to paint a fictional planet of some sort using a warm to cool pallette.


Here is my head rotation/lip-sync/expression change assignment. We had to take a pre-existing character, find a model sheet, and use that to animate our assignment. For those of you who do not recognize this character, its one of the baboons from the chase scene in Tarzan. I chose the character because I found a good model sheet and I knew he would work well in 3 dimensions, some people got stuck with more cartoony characters that were somewhere between 2d and 3d. Plus baboons are great.

I have the muybridge animal's in motion book and the baboon walk is unlike anything else, someday I will try my hand at that.
YouTube animated version of muybridge photographs:

Overall I'm happy with it. The head rotation part of the assignment was tedious but once that was done I had a bit more fun with the rest, and surprisingly the second part took me a lot less time.

Pink Panther Walking the Walk (In Technicolour!)

This is the digital tools project done using my previous pink panther animation. Yes, its pretty dismal, but by the time I was done doing pink panther related animation I was REALLY DONE with him (I think I speak for many 1st years when I say that...)

Chameleon Colours

This is a Character Design assignment involving an anthropomorphic character interacting with a prop. Its a posing assignment that I decided to shoot to give it a sense of timing. I don't like drawing anthropomorphic characters for the most part, its just not my kind of thing. I like caricatured animals, I just don't like it as much when they're walking around like humans.

Note: the box at the end says "BLEACH" on it. Kind of hard to see in this small format...

More Paintings from Semester 1

Here are two paintings I made last semester.

This was sort of based off the favela's from brasil. I remember seeing something pretty similar under a bridge when I was back in Sao Paulo some years back.

This one was supposed to be a snow landscape but I spilled green on it and had to improvise my way out of that. I finished kind of last minute so I didn't have time to work some of the details as much as I wanted. I almost feel like doing this one again. I like this more than any of the others because the idea feels fresh and it just sort of happened.

Pink Panther Walking the Walk

Finally done my first walk cycle. Ended up being a lot harder than I initially thought. Learned a hell of a lot on this assignment, it was really technical so I can't wait till we get to do some more open ended stuff.