Ball & Tail

100 drawings later... Worked out so so in the end. Probably should have done more S and C in the tail. Its also way too fast.

Generic Expressions

Here's the expression sheet. I simply don't like the character. It's too damn generic. I should go for more original ideas. The hard part is trying to make original characters into something simple enough that could be animated without making them feel bland. Simplicity is underrated.

Mood Environment

This is the mood environment painting. Took me two nights of work. I tried to work with several centers of interest, I wanted the eye to wander through the composition rather than down a single path but I did want it to eventually land on the red door. Its super planned and contrived that way, but I find in general the things I do are an exercise in control... There are some minor perspective issues that probably only bug me. For some reason the shadows in this scanned version sort of defaulted to black when black was only used in a couple of places.

S & C Curve Animation

Royal Winter Fair

I enjoyed drawing animals from life. Unfortunately, the animals themselves looked depressed or in some cases extremely paranoid. The swarms of kids made it hard to concentrate at times. I can only focus on one thing at a time so the entire place was sort of disorienting. I was pretty exhausted by the end. Next time I'm bringing a portable chair or stool.


Longer Poses

Hands and Feet

Finally Set Up a Blog

I'm in first year at Sheridan's BAAA program. I finally got around to setting up a blog mainly to show work to distant relatives, but anyone is welcome. I'll only be posting school related work.

Here are my character rotation and posing assignments: